Reason of disqualification: throwing garbage, excessive noise, shortcuts (since they involve risk of destruction of vegetation, soil erosion or result in damage to paths. The barriers of cattle should be left as found, open or closed. The lack of respect towards the public, other participants or the Organization will also be a reason for disqualification.

The roads can be opened to traffic and participants must respect the traffic regulations on roads. Timelimits: 1. refreshment/checkpoint (14km) Öhlerschutzhaus – Timelimit 10:00 2. refreshment/checkpoint (21km) Edelweißhütte – Timelimit 11:45 3. refreshment/checkpoint (32km) along the trail – Timelimit 13:30
MANDATORY EQUIPMENT: 500ml of fluid backpack/hydrationbelt/handheld, emergency blanket, trailrunning shoes with good traction, rainjacket, mobilephone;
If you are not able to finish the race, you have to tell that the race direction at the INFO POINT Schneeberghalle (start area)