BIB numbers:
25.09.2015 from 20:00-21:00 at Schneeberghalle
26.09.2015 before the race starts 06:00-07:00 at Schneeberghalle
Start of the race:
07:30 Schneeberghalle Puchberg
Station Hochschneeberg, time limit 14:00
Classification: M/W :      1975 – 1996 M/W 40:  1965 –  1974 M/W 50:  1964 and earlier
Entry fee:
Till 31.08.2015 the entry fee is 40,- Euro
From 31.08.2015 till 24.09.2015 the entry fee is 50,- Euro
Last day of registration is 24.09.2015, midnight.
There is no registration on raceday.

Refreshments and Checkpoints:
3 refreshment/checkpoints along the trail (Öhlerschutzhaus, Edelweißhütte, Klosterwappen) another refreshmentpoint at the finish.
1. refreshment/checkpoint (14km) Öhlerschutzhaus – Timelimit 10:30
2. refreshment/checkpoint (21km) Edelweißhütte – Timelimit 11:30
3. refreshment/checkpoint (32km) along the trail – Timelimit 13:30
500ml of fluid backpack/hydrationbelt/handheld, emergency blanket, trailrunning shoes with good traction, rainjacket, mobilephone;
neon pink spraypaint dots and arrows, yellow strips;
Transportation from finish:
With the train from Schneeberg, included in the entrance fee.
Clothbag transportation:
It is possible to leave a clothbag at the start, we provide the transport of the bag to the finish line. If you are not able to finish the race, you have to tell that the race direction at the INFO POINT Schneeberghalle (start area)